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3Win8 Online Casino APK IOS

3win8 known as the famous dragon-themed casino originated from the legends of dragons being a symbol of luck and prosperity across Asia. The game was developed as a means to host online casino games together in one platform for everyone to try and play.

These games are loved by many casual players even though it has been out for quite some time already. To start with, it is a place that has many different games ranging from slot games to table games, card games, and arcade games as well. These can be found in real casinos as well.

Where do you know heard of Daftar 3win8?

You may know 3Win8 apk from other places, but we know it from a few years back when casino games online were just able to be played on the phone. Everyone wanted to play it back then and now still.

But people now have more choices of casinos and are widespread across different game platforms such as the famous 918Kiss, Puss888, SCR888, and more in Malaysia. If you would want to try your luck at this game, then you have come to the right place.

Play 3Win8 With a real score and win Now!

Many social media sites have said it many times, playing online casino games with good bets can be a lot of fun but if you have never played online you’ll easily feel as if you are lost compared to the real world casino games that you can find in a real casino. Get your games right with our guide that our professional players have compiled just for you. Below are the many ways to play each game but in a summary easy for you to understand.

Slot Symbol 3 in a Row 4 in a Row 5 in a Row
Golden 8 100 coins 500 coins 1,000 coins
Triple 7s 75 coins 250 coins 750 coins
Double Bar 50 coins 150 coins 500 coins
Single Bar 25 coins 100 coins 250 coins
Cherry 15 coins 60 coins 150 coins
Bell 10 coins 50 coins 100 coins
Lemon 5 coins 25 coins 60 coins
Special Features
Free Spins: Land three "Free Spin" symbols to get 10 free spins.
Wild Card: The "WILD" symbol can replace any other symbol except for "Free Spin."
Bonus Round: If you get three "BONUS" symbols, you'll be taken to a special mini-game for extra prizes.

Winning Tips for 3 win 8 online 2024

Our basic tip for playing online slot games at 3-Win-8 is to play the game that you enjoy the most. If you are playing a slot game and feel as if you do not enjoy yourself, you will need to move on to another game that you do.

Guide For BlackJack Online

BlackJack is the most loved online table games you can find out there. This game requires both luck and strategy to win which involves these moves; doubling, splitting, hitting, and standing. When played properly, the basic strategies of BlackJack can increase their favor against the house casino.

Roulette Basics

There are two types of classic table games. The European Roulette and the American Roulette. The best practice for this game is for you to try and figure out your most comfortable playstyle as this game is all about luck and chances.

Poker Online Guide
Video Poker is what you would call online poker games as this online game is based on the 5 card draw poker. This game is not as simple as slot games and requires more thinking. You would need to learn the rules of Poker and find out about how to get your opponent to let you win fast.

Baccarat Easy Guide
Baccarat is the game of chances at the hands of the dealer and another player. This is where you guess if the hand of the dealer or the other player holds the higher value to 9 on the table. The amount of bet you put on the line is up to you and this is why this game is the best for beginners and professionals gamers.

Fish Arcade Online Basics
Fish Arcade games normally come in the setting of shooting fish figures till they explode to earn you more coins or credits. The best basic tip of this is to keep aiming for the small fishes and shoot only when the line of fire is clear. After that it is all down to luck and who amongst the 3 other players in the game gets the last hit on a targeted fish.

Are Online Casinos Like this a Scam?

Of course, online casinos are not a scam. The scams only come from people who want to take advantage of other people online. Online casinos are legitimate and real for players to start gambling wherever and whenever they want. There are many different companies out there providing services for online casinos but choosing the right one to play with is entirely up to you. Make sure you get the right service provider otherwise you would likely end up conned by a scammer.

How Many Percent Chance Does A Casino Platform Give The Player?

After you go through the 3win8 register process, you will find that the percentage of winning depends according to each game. This can be called House Edge where the house has a higher winning chance over the player. Games such as Keno have around 25% House Edge and Slots have around 2.8% House Edge. So you should always choose games below 5% House Edge to have an easier time being lucky.

In 3Win8 this is the same thing whereby the house will always have a slightly higher chance of winning against the player because this is how the casino makes money and stays alive. Your only chance of earning is to win and get other players to lose.