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What is EVO888?

Evo888 is one of the best online games you can get if you love top-rated casino games that everyone plays in Malaysia.

Beginners and professionals are welcomed to try Evo888 IOS / APK anytime as the registration area always open and there is no registration fee.

We have games such as shooter arcade games, slot games, card games, and even dice games too just like a real-life casino.

In short, Evo88 is a casino host that has all the greatest most played games throughout the online casino market and has games such as Bonus Bears and Ocean King.

If you are a fan of the best games and have a problem switching between different casino apps to play your games, EVO88 will help you solve that right now!

Download Evo888 APK in 2024 Here

It takes just minutes for you to install and join the fun in Evo 888 IOS for both your android and iPhone. Get client download and installed on your phone with just a few easy steps.

Legacy gaming experience

It is almost perfect in terms of gameplay and game selection. The menus are easy to use and the connection is fast and snippy for players who want a grounded feel to the games they play. New players and professional players are always welcome to try out the games available and we, here at EVO88, are always upfront in giving our best.

Slot Symbol 3 in a Row 4 in a Row 5 in a Row
Bitcoin Chest 200 coins 1,000 coins 8,888 coins
Digital Diamond 150 coins 750 coins 4,444 coins
Ethereum Emblem 100 coins 500 coins 2,222 coins
LiteCoin Lantern 60 coins 300 coins 1,111 coins
Crypto Clover 40 coins 150 coins 888 coins
Blockchain Bell 25 coins 100 coins 444 coins
Digital Dice 15 coins 60 coins 222 coins
Special Features
Crypto Spins: Landing three "Crypto Spin" symbols grants 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier on all wins.
Wild Web: The "WWW" symbol acts as a wild, replacing any symbol except for "Crypto Spin" and "Vault Bonus."
Vault Bonus Round: Secure three "VAULT" symbols to unlock a special mini-game where you can win additional coins.

Mobile slot game available

Evo888 has many different games to choose from and the most picked games are in the Hot Section where we put the games with the highest number of online players. This shows because there are a lot of players that keep coming back to the same game over and over again. Games like Ocean King and Triple Twister are among the top picks for players these days.

What makes Evo888 Special?

It was developed with player choices in mind and this is great for giving a one-stop solution to finding all your favorite games in one place. Not many other casinos do this. It helps prevent you from switching between other casino apps and makes your life a lot more simple.

CUCI Winning

We use online systems to safely transfer your winnings over and you can ask for help from our online gaming agent when wanting to start a transfer or reload. If you have any problems our Livechat is always open all the time for any inquiries.

Install Evo888 APK or IOS Now!

Get your official evo 888 game from our download page and make sure you select the right version of the game depending on the type of device you want to play on. Evo888 APK is for android users and Evo888 IOS is for iPhone users.

Register your own login ID with us here

With so many benefits and having all of your games in one place. There is no reason to choose another game over Evo 888, try it out for yourselves here now. It only takes a few steps to complete the registration in minutes!